Ambula: The Rise to the Top

There are plenty of food spots in Cabanatuan City and Ambula Coffee Bar & Resto, or simply Ambula, is one of the must-try food establishments in the city.  It is located in General Tinio St., Quezon District (beside PLDT) – just few walks away from the SM Megacenter. If you happen to be in Cabanatuan City, just ride a tricycle and tell the driver to drop you off to Ambula or Gen. Tinio St. cor. Gabaldon St. You can easily spot the establishment with their signage.


Ambula Coffee Bar & Resto is an emerging food spot in the city. They just celebrated their first year anniversary last May 2017. I always wonder why did they name the establishment Ambula. I thought that “Ambula” is a family name so I asked my friend, whose family is a co-owner of the said food establishment, and she told me that “Ambula” is a Kapampangan term for “rice toppings” or “mixed rice.” Now that explains their logo. Ambula is popular in Tarlac City, where they got the idea of bringing it to Cabanatuan City with the impression that it will also be a hit for Cabanatueños. That is how Ambula Coffee, Bar & Resto started.


Ambula is now becoming a well-known food spot in Cabanatuan City, especially among students, simply because of the cozy ambiance, budget-friendly meals, and most importantly, faster WiFi or internet connection.

The place is air-conditioned and well-lit. Every corner is a good selfie-spot. I also like the way how dining stations are arranged. I really like to be seated in their couches because these dining stations provide privacy to the guests due to the high backrests – allowing you to chit-chat with your family and/or friends without disturbing or thinking about other guests. And almost all dining stations have electrical outlets available – allowing me to plug-in my laptop charger or smartphone charger whenever I need to. The interior is aesthetically okay – with nice choice of lightings and wall decors – giving the establishment a cozy yet classy vibe. As mentioned earlier, they offer free WiFi services, just simply ask one of their food attendants for the password.  The restaurant staff are also friendly and courteous.


Tuna and Kani Sandwich, with fried potato wedges




Ambula’s Sisig Rice. One of the bestselling dishes.

Ambula offers a wide variety of food in their menu. Most of the food items are Asian and Filipino cuisines. But they also have pasta dishes, pizzas, burgers, salads, and sandwiches. They also offer various appetizers or starters. If you love soup, they have ramen and noodles in their menu which are good for sharing (2-3 pax). Ambula takes pride of their rice meals, with choices of Filipino, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese cuisines. You can choose between rice toppings (individual serving) and short orders (good for 3 to 4 pax) for their rice meals. Ambula’s Sisig Rice is one of their bestselling rice toppings meals. Sisig is a Kapampangan dish from the chopped parts of pig’s head – ears, snout, cheeks – with chopped onions and chili peppers, and vinegar, traditionally cooked in a sizzling plate. Ambula’s Sisig Rice is a rice meal topped with Sisig mixed with creamy mayonnaise, and garnished with fried breaded boiled egg and sliced leeks. Aside from Ambula’s Sisig Rice, I have also tried their Beef Salpicao and Donkkaseu. Their rice toppings meals only cost 95.00 PhP while Ambula’s short orders, which are good for 3 to 4 pax, would only cost you roughly 150.00 to 200.00 PhP. All of their dishes are satisfying and worth the price – you will definitely get more than what you pay for. It is really sulit!


Red Iced Tea

Ambula‘s beverages are also worth a try.  They offer both hot and cold drinks. For hot beverages, they have espresso and teas. For cold beverages, they have sodas, juices, milkshakes, frappes, and even cocktails.  So far, I have only tried their Matcha Oreo milkshake, Mocha frappe, and Red Iced Tea. According to my sister, who is a regular customer of AmbulaGreen Apple Peppermint is a must-try.


Green Apple Peppermint (left) and Guyabano Blue Sky (right). Photo courtesy of Ian Garcia (@gianityyy on Instagram)

For inquiries and reservations, you can contact Ambula Coffee Bar & Resto at (044) 960 -1527. You may also check their Facebook page by clicking this link. Ambula is open from Mondays through Fridays, 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, and Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM.


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