​There’s more to people than meets the eye.

Originally written by: Patricia Mae Castro

“There’s more to people than meets the eye.”

There are way too many factors that need to be put into consideration first before determining what kind of person we are dealing with. We judge them for what we see they are without even knowing who they were and what their whole stories are all about and which chapter/s of their stories that had led them astray. Yes I know, they have victimized others without mercy, but see, that’s only one side of the story. Have we ever considered that maybe what led criminals to become such criminals was because they were also victims themselves?

Rapists might have been sexually harassed when they were younger. Or when they were young, they have witnessed things in a closely-fenced neighborhood that they shouldn’t have witnessed and became curious.

Drug addicts might have gone through too much pain, detachment, and too many problems in life that the only thing that they think would keep them sane and truly happy is to resort to drugs.

Drug pushers might have been pushed to the very brink of life that their current decent jobs or lack thereof are not enough to pay for food for their family and rising debts anymore. Drug-pushing then becomes easy-money. The same goes for those who rob or steal from other people.

Killers and murderers might have witnessed domestic abuse in their own homes or neighborhood or worse, experienced abuse themselves that they were filled with so much hatred and left them as broken people with no one to mend them.

Traumatic experiences and even pressing demands for the basic needs for living can make people do crazy things. Some of them, bad things.

I am not saying that this applies to all criminals. There are those who commit crimes for the heck of it, or they want to prove a point, or they want to violently express that they’re in the right, or to cover up more crimes, but I’m pretty sure that there are many who were just brought up the wrong way. Not all of them are heartless. Not all of them chose the wrong path freely. They feel that they have been deprived of a life worth living because of faults and flaws that are not theirs; because of situations that are out of their control.

Given the kind of lives they are living, the way they grew up, all the sadness and the pain they had experienced and maybe even continue to experience, don’t they also deserve sympathy, or better yet, help?

Some of them have lived with and known injustice all their life and here we are, here are most of us, ready to impose judgment in less than a moment, put matters into our own hands, and don’t think twice of putting a bullet through their heads when we deem them guilty based simply on what we know as facts and then finally say that justice has been served.

Humanity, where have you gone?

*All the credits belong to the original author of this article. A consent was given before posting this in my blog.


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