A Guide to Rio Villa Nuevo

Rio Villa Nuevo is a mineral water resort located in Brgy. Tambo-Kulit in  Indang, Cavite, just along the Alfonso-Indang Road.

Below are the different routes from Metro Manila to Indang, Cavite:

ROUTE NO. 1: Kawit to Indang via Tanza-Trece Martires Road (from Metro Manila via CavitEx)


Screen-grabbed from Google Maps. Travel duration may vary depending on the traffic and road situation, weather and other factors which may affect travel time.

If you will be coming from Manila via CavitEx, this is the quickest and most advisable route for you. This route is only applicable and advisable to those who will be using their own vehicles for transportation. However, expect it to be a bit pricey because you will be passing two toll gates: one in Manila-Cavite Expressway, and the other one is upon exiting the Expressway extension (known as Cavitex). Commuting is a bit difficult and much of a hassle in this route as there are no Indang-bound bus from Metro Manila taking this route and there’s a tendency for you to transfer from one public utility vehicle to another. In the last part of this article, I will let you know the easiest and the most advisable way to COMMUTE from Metro Manila to Indang.

From Metro Manila, just drive along the Manila-Cavite Expressway. Stay on the left lane after the first toll gate and take the Kawit exit. Drive along Cavitex until you exit from the second toll gate. Merge onto Binakayan Diversion Road (just stay left after the second toll gate) and continue to follow the Centennial Road (also known as Antero Soriano Highway) until you reach a large intersection in Tanza (landmark is McDonald’s Store ahead on your left side) and turn left onto Tanza-Trece Martires Road.


R-1 is the Centennial Road (Antero Soriano Highway)


Screen-grabbed from Google Maps. This is what the large intersection in Tanza looks like. From R-1 (Centennial Road/Antero Soriano Highway), turn left to Tanza-Trece Martires Road.


Screen-grabbed from Google Maps. Tanza-Trece Martires Road.

Drive along Tanza-Trece Martires Road and continue onto Trece Martires-Indang Road (just keep driving straight). Then, continue onto Indang-Trece Martires Road (make a slight turn to the right; there will be a signage indicating to go straight to Amadeo, or turn right to Indang ).


Screen-grabbed from Google Maps. Just turn right to Indang as indicated in the signboard

Just drive along the Indang-Trece Martires road until you reach Cavite State University (CSU). Make a slight turn to the right and drive along the narrow road in CSU. Once you completely pass by the CSU, you will be driving along a neigborhood and make a left turn to the very first corner. Drive along that road until you reach the Naic-Indang Road intersection. Turn left to the Naic-Indang Road, passing by Indang Bus Terminal and Indang National Highschool. Drive along the Naic-Indang Road until you pass by Fernando Bakeshop on your right side, then make a right turn to Alfonso-Indang Road. Just drive along the Alfonso-Indang Road until you see the entrance of Rio Villanuevo on your left side. Please take note that the Alfonso-Indang Road is quite uphill, so expect zigzags and drive safely. It’s like driving to Baguio without the fog. The Alfonso-Indang Road is 3G  dead-spot so you might not be able to use your internet or any GPS apps well.

ROUTE NO.2: Bacoor to Indang via Tanza-Trece Martires Road (from Metro Manila via Aguinaldo Highway)


If you will be coming from Metro Manila, traveling using your own vehicle, and you do not want to take the CavitEx, this is the quickest and convenient alternative route for you. From Manila-Cavite Express way, stay on the right lane after the toll gate and take the Bacoor exit, continuing to Emilio Aguinaldo Highway-Talaba IV. From Emilio Aguinaldo Highway – Talaba IV, turn right to the Gen. Evangelista St. (Bacoor Town Proper), drive until you exit in Mabolo I – Binakayan then continue to Covelandia Road until you reach Centennial Road (Antero Soriano Highway). From Centennial Road,  just follow the same directions on ROUTE NO.1 (above). This is actually most advisable route for you to avoid the traffic in Bacoor, Imus and Dasmariñas.


From Emilio Aguinaldo Highway-Talaba IV, turn right to Gen. Evangelista Street. Just drive along Gen. Evangelista St. until you reach Mabolo I – Binakayan


(Follow the RED line) From Mabolo I, drive along Tirona Highway then turn right to Covelandia Road. Just drive along Covelandia Road until you reach Centennial Road (Antero Soriano Highway). Once you’re in Centennial Road, follow ROUTE NO. 1 instructions.


ROUTE NO.3: from Muntinlupa City to Indang via Open Canal Road-Governor’s Drive

If you have your own vehicle and will be coming from Muntinlupa, just take the Daang Hari Road continuing to Open Canal Road until you reach the intersection to Arnaldo Highway then turn left to Arnaldo Highway and drive along to it until you reach a T-section to Governor’s Drive. Turn right and drive along Governor’s Drive going to Trece Martires, then just follow the instructions again indicated in ROUTE NO.1 (from Trece Martires-Indang Road to Alfonso-Indang Road, 3rd and 4th paragraph).


From Daang Hari Road continuing to Open Canal Road.

RIO 17

Just follow the track highlighted in light yellow.


From Metro Manila, just go to the Southwest Integrated Provincial Transport Terminal (formerly Coastal Mall) and ride an Indang-bound provincial bus. Normally, Indang-bound provincial buses are not air-conditioned buses. Fare would be between P70.00 to P80.00, one-way. It is a direct ride from Metro Manila to Indang, Cavite. The regular route is via Aguinaldo Highway-Governor’s Drive. Expect a moderate to heavy traffic buildup in Bacoor, Imus, and Dasmariñas. The travel duration may take 2 to 3 hours depending on the traffic situation. Once you are already in Indang Bus Terminal, ride an Alfonso-bound jeepney and tell the driver to drop you off to Rio Villanuevo. Fare is P11.00. You can easily spot the resort on your left side.

Regardless of what mode of transportation you are up to, always remember to ask when in doubt. Have a safe trip!

*Credits to Google Maps


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