Rockin’ Rio

I have visited Rio Villa Nuevo several times since 2005. My last and most recent visit was on March 20, 2015 when me and my office buddies planned to go out-of-town. We decided to schedule it in March and avoid the months of April and May, when most people go on summer vacation, so that we can enjoy the destination without a large crowd. I have recommended the Rio Villa Nuevo Resort to them since they have not vistied the place yet – plus, we love road trips.


(From L-R) Joyce, Me, Meg and Red. Groupfie while on our way to Indang.

Rio Villa Nuevo Resort is a mineral water resort located in Brgy. Tambo-Kulit in Indang, Cavite – just along the Alfonso-Indang Road.  I always want to visit this resort because of the unique experience with nature and the provincial ambiance making Rio Villa Nuevo a perfect get-away to escape the stress and pollution in the city. There are plenty of tropical trees and plants in the resort providing natural shade to their swimming pools so that people won’t get any sunburn (Yeah, it’s not really necessary to use any sunscreen protection here). And what makes the place so special is the water they use in their swimming pools. Unlike the usual commercial resorts, Rio Villa Nuevo uses natural water from rivers and springs for their swimming pools which is why they took pride of being a “mineral water resort.” There are also other freshwater resorts nearby but the facilities of  Rio Villa Nuevo are much better than the others. Since some of their swimming pools use natural spring water, expect it to be a bit cold. One more thing, Rio Villa Nuevo does not put any chemicals like chlorine in their swimming pools. No need to worry about the hygiene and sanitation as the water undergoes a certain filtration process before it goes to the pools and it flows continuously, which means that the water is being replaced from time to time.


Rio Villa Nuevo’s car entrance


Trees giving shade to the resort

I’m not sure about the current rate of the entrance fee but during our visit last year, it was P150.00/head for adults and P90.00/head for children for daytime and overnight swimming. For 24-hour stay, it is P200.00/head for adults and P100.00/head for children. Do not worry as they do not usually increase the rates – prices will remain as it is. For cottages, they have different types of it with prices ranging from P200.00 to P1,500.00 depending on the size, type and the duration of your visit (if it is daytime/overnight or 24hours). Cottages also have power outlets which you can use to charge your gadgets without any additional fees – just always keep in mind not to leave any belongings unattended.  If you are holding a big event like company outing, seminars, team-building activities, etc., they also have function halls with prices ranging from P1,000.00 to P3,000.00, again depending on the type, size, and the duration of your visit. If you plan to stay overnight or 24 hours, they also have rooms with prices ranging from P800.00 to P3,000.00 depending on the type and duration of your stay. They also have videoke rental for P1,200.00 to P1,800.00, depending on the duration of your stay. They have a small variety store along the stairs before the main entrance. The said store only offers snacks like chips, biscuits and the like, souvenirs, swimming paraphernalia, e-loading, and coffee vendo machines. It would be best to bring your own food just like what we always do on outings. Corkage only applies on sodas and liquors, but it is not actually being observed as we have been bringing sodas and some wines everytime we visit Rio Villa Nuevo but we were never charged for corkage fee. Also, any outing is not complete without grilled food. There are plenty of grilling stations in the resort. Just bring your own charcoal. For the night swimmers, do not forget to bring your mosquito repellent lotion. Mosquitoes in the forest are quite bigger than the mosquitoes in the city and their bite really hurts. Mosquitoes usually appear by nightfall.


One the pools with natural spring water

Just to give you a brief background, Rio Villa Nuevo was founded in 1993 and started with only 2 swimming pools built along a clean river. Now, they have a total of 11 swimming pools: 6  kiddie pools and 5 adult swimming pools. Only 4 swimming pools flow the natural spring water while the rest comes from a clean river. The swimming pools that flow natural spring water are a bit colder than the ones with water from the river. Dress code for swimming is not that strict, just refrain from wearing maong shorts. Since the resort uses natural freshwater, you can stay as long as you want in their swimming pools without the unpleasant feeling and smell of the chlorine. You can even swim without goggles as the water is really clear and it won’t hurt your eyes. Shower rooms are abundant in the place, you can even take a shower in their mini-falls along the stream near the circular kiddie pool before you jump into the swimming pools. They also  have plenty of restrooms there.



My favorite pool in the resort. Only few people swim in this pool because it’s 5 to 6 feet deep.


Caught in the act of taking selfies. Photographed by Red.

If you do not like to swim, you can just explore the place and take photographs. They also have a hanging bridge as far as I remember. There are lots of picture-perfect spots in the resort. One of the favorite selfie spots is the small tunnel. Sometimes, you can even see some women doing the traditional way of laundry, with their batya (laundry tub), tabla (flat piece of wood ) and palu-palo (wooden paddle for beating laundry), in this area.


Rio Villa Nuevo’s small tunnel


Yeah, I took the opportunity to have a photo with the small tunnel in the background. This is photographed by my friend, Red.

Lately, I have been reading bad reviews and negative feedback about the resort. And most of these bad comments came from those people who visited Rio Villa Nuevo during the peak months of April and May. Well, no one will really enjoy and appreciate the beauty of any place with a huge crowd, esp. during peak seasons, unless you are the type of person loaded with an unlimited amount of patience. This is why I prefer to travel during the off-peak seasons (I really hate crowded places).

If you plan to visit Rio Villa Nuevo, I strongly recommend to visit the resort before or after the months of April and May. Besides, we have a tropical climate here in the Philippines and it feels like ‘summer’ (though Philippines doesn’t really have Summer but a hot and dry weather instead) throughout the year, so you can just visit the resort anytime you want. Since we visited the resort in March, there were only less than 15 visitors including ourselves. Because of that, we really enjoyed our visit as if we own the entire place. We also experienced clean and well-maintained shower rooms and toilets. And we do not have to queue just to take a shower before and after we swim. Well, those are just some of the perks of avoiding the peak season. (haha!)

Unfortunately, Rio Villa Nuevo does not have an official website and a Facebook page. I am also not quite sure about their contact number but you may try this: (046) 415-0034. I got the phone number from other visitors, as well as other blogs. They do not accept reservations as far as I know. They only respond to inquiries over the phone. You can just simply go there anytime.

For the directions to Rio Villa Nuevo, please check my next blog post – A Guide to Rio Villa Nuevo


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