Minnie’s journey to her fur-ever home

How time flies! It’s been a year now and I could still remember our very first encounter. It was May of 2015 when I decided to buy myself some snacks so I went to the convenience store within the gasoline station located across the building of our office. I was about to enter the store when I noticed a dirty white female dog sleeping in front of it. There were other dogs within the place but it was actually my first time to see her there. She must be lost and just found refuge to that place. I have a soft heart for stray animals, especially dogs, so I also bought food and water for her. She must be really hungry and thirsty as she hurriedly finished her food, even her water. So, I filled the cup again with water and went back to the office.



The next day, I told Liann, my friend in the office who’s also into helping stray animals, about the dog in front of the convenience store and we both decided to visit her there. We even asked the gas station and convenience store personnel about the dog but they were also not familiar with her. The dog must be enjoying her stay in the place as she happily played and roamed with the other dogs there. So, Liann and I decided to look after her and give her food and water everyday. We even decided to give her a bath at least twice a week just to help her freshen up.


Me and Liann giving Minnie a bath.

So, it became our daily routine to feed her every start and end of our shifts, then give her a decent bath twice a week. We named the dog “Minnie” – named after the convenience store where she usually stays. We also found out that some of the employees from our office were also giving her food and water. No wonder, they must be captivated by Minnie’s charm. Minnie is an intelligent dog. She’s people-friendly and she rarely barks. She loves to wag her tail whenever someone approaches her, especially when you call her by her name – Minnie.


My friend Liann feeding Minnie

But it seems like everything is not going to be that easy. First week of June, I was assigned to another project with different work schedule. Regardless of the changes, I continued visiting and feeding Minnie. Until one night, one of the gas station personnel approached me and asked me if I can just take Minnie home as what their boss told them because Minnie destroyed some of their plants in the gas station. So, instead of shooing Minnie away, they waited for me to let me know about it. I was sad for Minnie that time because she seems to be happy with the place where she can run, roam and play freely with the other dogs. So, I talked to Liann again and let her know about it. She was even saddened by the news. Unfortunately, none of us can accommodate an additional dog in our respective homes because we already have dogs and the space is very limited. So we shared Minnie’s story in Facebook and looked for a possible adopter, or even for a foster home until we find Minnie her forever home. Until one day, Camille, a friend of Liann, stepped up for fostering Minnie. It was mid-June when we moved Minnie to her foster home. I’m sure she’ll be missing her friends at the gas station and the convenience store where she usually stays.

We had a hard time looking for Minnie’s forever home. I even posted her story in several animal welfare groups in Facebook but no one stepped up to adopt Minnie. I almost lose hope for Minnie.


Minnie inside the cage I bought for her. This was her first night at Meg’s house.

I tried to convince Meg, my bestfriend and officemate, to adopt Minnie since their house has enough space to accommodate a dog. She agreed as long as I can provide a cage for Minnie, as well as other doggie stuff. We both agreed on the condition. Besides, I’m also running out of time because Minnie’s fosterer already asked me to move Minnie because they were getting a bit busier. Minnie was fostered by Camille’s family for almost 6 months. Minnie looked much healthier with a yellowish white coat when I moved her from Camille’s house to Meg’s. She must be very well taken care of by Camille’s family. It was November of 2015 when I transferred Minnie to Meg’s home. Minnie was also well taken care of by Meg’s family. Her kids love Minnie so much. They love to walk Minnie within their vicinity. Sometimes, they play with her. And every morning they were talking to Minnie as if she was a kid too. Everything seems to be so fine until March of 2016, Meg asked me if I could open Minnie for adoption again because her mom had a slight pain in her hips when she she ran after Minnie and tried to carry Minnie home when Minnie broke out of her cage. Meg cannot look after Minnie all the time because she is the breadwinner in her family and she also has three kids to take care of. Sad. I thought Minnie already found her forever home but I understand Meg’s situation. I have no choice but to post Minnie’s story again in Facebook. Luckily, someone commented in the thread and stepped up to adopt Minnie for good. She is Ms. Bernalin. Another good thing, their place is only few walks away from Meg’s residence. It would not be too difficult to move Minnie to her new home.


Ms. Bernalin with Minnie

After we successfully moved Minnie to her new home, I heard Ms. Bernalin talking to Minnie – she made a promise to Minnie that she has finally found her ‘fur-ever’ home.

Minnie is currently being taken care of by the family of Ms. Bernalin in Cavite City. I haven’t visited her yet but I’m sure she misses me and Liann a lot. And we miss her a lot too.


2 thoughts on “Minnie’s journey to her fur-ever home

  1. Oh my this is so heartwarming piece. I immediately loved Minnie. I remembered my old dog, Whammos whom I adopted from the street. I was craving for Whammos that time I named him. I had an askal-terrier dog that time but Whammos was so adorable I cant just leave him in the streets. Both dogs are gone. 😦

    Noetheless, I hope the best for Minnie and her fur-ever home and caretakers. 🙂 Happy to read about dogs finding their home.

    Liked by 1 person

    • What do you mean ‘gone’? You mean both of them already crossed the rainbow bridge? 😢 I’m sorry to know about that.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts friend 😘


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